Hi there, I’m Chanjeevni!

Chanjeevni Boodhoo

I am Chhavi, a dedicated registered nurse known for my compassionate care and commitment to
patients’ well-being.
My journey in healthcare began with extensive training and internships across various healthcare
facilities in the island. My internship allowed me to immerse in diverse healthcare settings, honing
my skills and nurturing my passion for patient care.
Following my registration in 2021, I ventured into the private health sector, contributing my
expertise to different clinics while continuing to expand my knowledge base.
In July 2022, I became an integral part of the CARE Medical & Paramedical Centre.
There, I collaborate closely with physicians during medical interventions, ensuring seamless care
during procedures like injections and wound dressings.
Beyond clinical assistance, I also play a pivotal role in the front office at CARE.


  • 2021 – registered Nurse by the Mauritius Nursing Council.
  • March 2018-June 2021- Nursing study at Polytechnics Mauritius Ltd in National Diploma in Nursing.

Areas of expertise:

  • Clinical assistance
  • Injections/vaccinations
  • Wound dressings
  • Screening : Blood pression, diabetes, cholesterol,…