Hi there, I’m Deevya!

Dr. Deevya Neerunjun

Dr. Deevya studied for four years at the University of Mauritius and for two years at the University of Bordeaux for her clinical training. She also conducted research on HPV-related cancers in Mauritius during her third year of medical science. During her medical training, she volunteered at a medical camp with Tidiams to help in the holistic approach to treating patients with Type 1 Diabetes (DM Type 1).

In Bordeaux, she had the opportunity to work in the Emergency Department, Paediatrics Department, Gynaecology Department, Internal Medicine, and Gastroenterology. Once back in Mauritius, she completed her internship at SSRNH.

After her internship, she started working as a GP at Grand Bay Clinic, where she handled emergency services and ambulance transfers for patients. She also provided outpatient services at Florida Medical Centre, consulting with a large group of patients of all ages.