Hi there, I’m Emily!

Emily Stern

Emily is a British born, trained and registered osteopath. She brings with her a wealth of knowledge, skills and expertise gained from over 16 years manual therapy practice.

Emily moved to Mauritius in October 2020 and joined Care Medical and Paramedical Centre in July 2021. Her approach aims to address the body as a whole unit, working to identify areas of tension, to soothe and ease problems at their core.  Using a primarily structural and hands on approach, Emily aims to create better movement, restore the body’s function, and ease patient’s pain. She has many techniques and years of experience, helping her to provide therapeutic, intuitive, relaxing and bespoke treatment and management plans.

Emily has a particular interest, but is not limited to, the treatment of headaches, jaw, neck and shoulder problems and spanning across a long career, she has treated a broad range of patients, including professional tennis players, international horse riders, marathon runners, yoga and pilates instructors and students alike. She has also treated those in pain, injured or distressed, families, including the elderly and pregnant women struggling to adapt as their bodies change and those working in pressurized office jobs as well as those in more physical roles too.

Whatever your reason for seeking treatment with Emily, she very much looks forward to working with you.