Hi there, I’m Tessa!

Tessa Lagesse

I am a certified Therapist specialised in Naturopathy and various Psycho-Emotional Therapies
with a wide range of experience. I have been working with people of all ages and backgrounds
for more than 10 years.
I have at heart to help, guide and support people in this process of knowing and healing
themselves in a profound way from the inside-out.

What results to expect from the sessions?

  • The release of tensions and emotions stored in different parts of the body related to the topic
    we will be working on.
  • A greater awareness of your inner subconscious strategies (for protection for example) or
    patterns that can often date back from childhood.
  • The release of limiting beliefs that hold you back in life.
  • Create new positive and freeing beliefs & patterns, personal growth and long term healing.
  • A sense of inner peace and a state of calmness.

Those sessions are for you, if you:

  • are open-minded and are willing to start an healing journey.
  • are already in a self-development practice and journey.
  • are willing to dig deeper, self-analyse and change profoundly.
  • want to heal physically and emotionally. This will be a process and it is not a quick fix.
  • want to deepen your relationship with yourself and with others.
  • want to live a life that is more aligned with your deepest aspirations.
  • want to connect or reconnect with your true authentic, inner self.