As a team we are always here to listen so that we can address your concerns to the very best of our abilities. Our belief is that teamwork is and will always be the best way. 

Yovanee Veerapen

Dietitian & Nutrition Consultant

As a dedicated and passionate dietitian, I am committed to promoting health and well-being through personalised nutrition guidance. With 10 years of experience in the field, I have honed my expertise in crafting tailored dietary plans that meet the unique needs and goals of individuals.

Tessa Lagesse

Physical & Emotional Wellbeing Therapist

I am a certified Therapist specialized in Naturopathy and various Psycho-Emotional Therapies with a wide range of experience.

Jeanne Marrier d’Unienville


Jeanne is a certified hypnotherapist with a background in psychology, she helps people to effectively manage their stress and anxieties, process and heal from past traumas, overcome phobias, and to create a foundation for new beginnings.

Dr. Deevya Neerunjun

General Practitioner

Dr. Deevya Neerunjun is a General Practitioner specialised in women’s health (gynecology), pediatrics, various infections (dermatological, flu, etc.), the follow-up of diabetes and hypertension as well as pap smears and breast cancer screenings.
Dr. Neerunjun has joined the team in 2023.

Nicolas Desjardins


After graduating from Leeds Beckett University in England in 2017, Nicolas worked for more than 2 years for the National Health Service (NHS) in the UK, where he treated patients needing intensive care, as well as traumatology, orthopedics, cardiac and respiratory care.
Nicolas joined Care Medical and Paramedical Centre in November 2021.

Dr. Laetitia Rogers

General Practitioner

Dr. Laetitia Rogers is a general practitioner trained in Lille. In 2020, she obtained her Diploma of Specialized Studies in General Medicine and her State Diploma of Doctor of Medicine.

Camille Wiehe


Camille is a licensed physiotherapist from Lille, France. She worked for over a year in Reunion Island after graduating before moving to Mauritius in 2018.

Dr. Mita Ballsying

General Practitioner

General Practitioner with 30 years of experience behind her. Dr. Ballysing has been consulting in enterprises for over 30 years.

Dr. Karen Hartzenberg

General Practitioner

Karen is a general practitioner. Originally from South Africa, she moved from Cape Town to Mauritius in June 2018, and has joined the CARE Team.

Khan Jeerooburkhan

Massage Therapist

I’m a massage therapist. I’m specialized in Thai Yoga massage, which I have chosen to practice in the hope of helping others get healthier.